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The Amazing Spiderman 2 Review

Heres my review for “The amazing spiderman 2”

This review will be split into three parts, the story, the characters & the presentation. As all three elements I feel are important here. 


Keeping this review short let me be honest. Blurred, as i woke up today i was trying to break down the film to someone and i found it hard. Honestly this film will be getting a positive review from me but I cant help but notice the cloudiness of the plot. A lot of the negative is down to pressure. I feel if it was a stand alone film or a sequel without so much hype it would of cut out some of the sub plots in this film and would of felt alot more natural. The multiple plot lines sometimes were to under developed to have meaning and shouldn’t of been there. Besides that gripe this film DELIVERS on a lot of aspects I didn’t expect it to. The chemistry between Emma and Andrew throughout the film takes it too a hole different level, if this film was titles “The amazing spiderman 2: the story of Gween & Peter” I would of been happy with just that. A True realism was felt throughout and if i ever do a spoiler review there is some scenes seriously worth talking about. 


The main cast deliver and I won’t bore people with a break down of peter parker etc but in a hole they are great in there returning roles. Harry Osborn is the first character i was weary of, as a fan of the original Harry I wasn’t sure of the re hash. He brings a scenes of darkness to the character which is both fitting and relevant. Electro on the other hand is the complete opposite of dark and as Marc his character actually brings a scenes of reality to the universe. It’s when he turns into electro i actually loose him slightly. His action is the best of any super hero villain in the last 10 years but as a actual villain im not completely sold. With all of these elements and characters involved the film would of been better titled “The adventures of spiderman” 


I will keep this quick, EPIC.

The use off effects throughout shows the amazing technology we are able to require in 2014. Not forgetting spiderman 2 was only a decade ago. The improvements are quite extraordinary.

This movie is a great sequel, slightly suffering from the pressure but coping with the hype at the same time !

Better then the original 

one of the better spidey movies



As a big fan of adam sandler, i went into this expecting laughs. I got so much more then i came in for. Heartache,
 drama, a feeling of adventure. Probably the most amazing message behind the story is the one of life & love over wealth. Sandler portrays a man living for lifes wonders so well.In a broken city he brings a sense of real life to the other wise animated New York. 
The supporting cast deliver a almost cartoon feeling, which brings a real sense of animation to the story. The movie doesn’t take itself to seriously, which is its biggest attraction !! 

Good show … worth a casual watch 


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